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Non-Chlorinated Treated Wastewater Released May 15, 2013


Non- Chlorinated Treated Wastewater Release from Sanitary District No. 5’s Main Wastewater Treatment Plant at Paradise Drive and Mar West Street

On May 15th at 6:45 p.m. a Sprint/ Nexgen contractor accidentally broke a small pipe while replacing batteries at their Cellphone Substation and caused the released of 3,300 gallons of non-chlorinated treated wastewater to a storm drain that leads to San Francisco Bay at Raccoon Straits, near the Sanitary District No. 5’s Main Wastewater Treatment Plant at Mar West St. and Paradise Dr. District staff notified the Environmental Services Department of Marin County and placed wastewater spill warning placards at the shoreline where the spill entered the bay. Bay water samples have been collected for bacterial testing to determine the level of hazard posed to the public in connection with water contact recreational activities near the shoreline. 

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